Alex Hotel

Alex Hotel started as a music project featuring Kasper van Hoek. Sexton Creeps have a long on going collaborating history with Kasper. Ever since Kasper remixed the song Masterplan on Sexton Creeps’ first release CAS, he kept reappearing in their company. Shows followed, and they made a soundscaping album together: Kasper van Hoek & Sexton Creeps ft. Stephane Leonard. In 2011 they joined up again to work out the soundscape underlay into songs. Alex Hotel was opened for guests in spring 2012.

In the meantime Wim Jongedijk was eager to make a video clip for the upcoming album ‘Digital Pillory’, which unfortunately never seen the light of day. The recordings of summer 2011 were lost in the jungle on one of Steven Jouwersma’s adventures in Suriname. Hearing of the other album, and the megalomanic dream of leadsinger J.C. to merge film and music in a theatrical way, opened the door for Wim to join in and lift the project to a very different level.

With some help from the AValanche, a program to stimulate audio and visuals on stage, Wim Jongedijk and Sexton Creeps could begin their endeavor. In stead of making a clip for one song, Alex Hotel would become live cinema supported by and reacting on the atmospheric music of the band. A poetic story between a couple struggeling with their love or hate for each other unfolded on the screen. The show was performed on the Noorderzon Festival in summer 2012.

Due to the megalomanic nature of the project, and the complexity of combining cinema with live music, the project came to a hold. Wim Jongedijk used the footage to make the video clip ‘Free N. For Everyone’, and by doing so he summerized his poetical intentions for Alex Hotel. In February 2013 the music was released on vinyl and CD on the Geertruida label.